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ZuleZeh's Staff Application

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New member
Oct 28, 2019
User name: ZuleZeh

Real Name Thomas

Email Address ZuleZeh@gmail.com

Your age (be honest) 19

Steam username ZuleZeh

Discord name and tag ZuleZeh#3097

Timezone GMT

How long have you been playing BRP for? like 3 weeks

What can you bring to BRP? Yes

How can you influence the BRP staff team? I can influence the staff team by making sure everything in flowing correctly and that everything in under control, such as making sure everyone is following the rules and that the roleplay in scenes. I also would like to make sure no one is playing unfair and making sure if people need help I could help them with the certain thing they need./

How can you enhance the experience of BloodshotRP? I could enhance the BloodshotRP experience by coming up with new ideas and report anything thats wrong and might need fixing. I would also make sure no one is abusing any glitches. Any bugs I find will be report right away with no wait I will message Alex or Savage what the bug is and if i know how to fix it.
Not open for further replies.
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